The project

A Quebec-wide podcast

Sexual exploitation is a plague that is present everywhere in the province of Quebec. Young people are especially vulnerable to this threat. To reach them, le Théâtre Parminou will create 18 podcast episodes that will cover themes related to sexual exploitation, thanks to the funding of Public Safety Canada.



For each region, three short plays (5 to 8 minutes approx.) will be written to be part of a podcast recorded in front of an audience.

The itinerancy of the project will allow each region to express its color. It will also allow us to create bounds with social organizations from each territory.


The documentation process and the writing of the texts will be made with the help of 3 community organizations from each chosen region.

One resource person from each region will participate to the recording by interacting with the host about the different topics covered by the podcast. Each podcast will last for about an hour.

For whom

The podcasts will be recorded in front of an audience formed with young people from 14 to 25 years old. Those groups will be gathered with the helps of the social organizations (3 organizations / territory).

We will help provide access to the tools identified by our local partners, prone to help the victims become stronger and more self-sufficient.


In Quebec's 17 administrative regions and in 1 indigenous land.


The podcast will be recorded between march 2022 and march 2023. The episodes will be available in the « Listen to the episodes » tab.


Young people between 14 and 25 years old.


Raise knowledge and awareness to consolidate the efforts made to eradicate sexual exploitation.


  • Within the process, create long lasting relationships between social, public, and para-public organizations that are working on preventing sexual exploitation.

  • Generate a solidarization around sexual exploitation and raise the level of knowledge of the organizations that could be able to help people prone to be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, in every region.

  • Bring together the knowledges about the issues surrounding sexual exploitation that are specific to every region.

Le Théâtre Parminou

A touring social intervention theatre

Social intervention theatre, our field of expertise, is bound to raise awareness and to educate the population through theatre. Our work is in line with the great debates and social transformations of our era. At Le Théâtre Parminou, we want to help new visions emerge. We want to make societal changes possible, for the sake of individuals and communities.

To stay accessible, we specialize in touring theatre. It is crucial for us to go where our audiences are.

Theatre creates a connection between people: that is what make it powerful and magical. Theatre is convincing because it stages situations where one can recognize itself. In a world where everything is trying to divide us, theatre unites. It is and universal form of art that adapts to every culture, speaks to the emotions, and promotes open-mindedness. Theatre is a call to action and an invitation to think for everyone.